Our community and country are at a crossroads. Housing costs are increasingly unaffordable, making it difficult to find an affordable place to rent, and even more difficult to save enough to purchase a home. The partisan rhetoric on immigration reform focuses ever more on divisive politics with no end in sight for the millions of undocumented immigrants who have been working and contributing to their community for a decade or more.


I’m running because it’s time for a Congress that reflects the changing electorate, that has representatives who are ready with solutions to create affordable housing, solve our immigration crisis, and create opportunities for all Americans to achieve their American Dream. We need more affordable housing, immigration reform that doesn’t put children in cages, healthcare that doesn’t bankrupt families, and communities that are free of gun violence.


I will bring unique expertise to Congress as a leading national advocate for housing and immigration reform – and an underrepresented perspective through my Mexican immigrant heritage. I’m not a career candidate or a wealthy political insider. I’m running to bring my experience working effectively “outside the system” on behalf of working families to Congress.

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P.O. Box 712375, Santee, CA 92072
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